Daniele Cima’s Colorado frames are works of art that are born in Milan, in Northern Italy, but that are characterised by decidedly non-Nordic colours. Strong, intense, decided, bright - sometimes even exaggerated - colours combine together in a sophisticated faux-randomness, making the frames cheery and playful, as well as unique and original. Daniele Cima’s frames thus become purveyors of positivity and optimism, in stark contrast with the darkness that has marked these recent years. While bright colours are not traditionally associated with the north, geometric rigour is, as is the clarity with which lines of colour are displayed on the frame surfaces. The colour is added by hand on an antique or antique-like base. Each frame is a unique “designer” item, an artistic product of an unspecified origin and era. After all, how is it possible to classify a wooden structure in 19th century European style but painted in psychedelic colours reminiscent of the 1960s West Coast? One immediately perceives the craftsmanship dedicated to the production of each piece, which requires such patient, time-consuming and painstaking care that only a very limited number can be made. The creator of the Colorado frames, Daniele Cima (, is a well-known and appreciated art director, graphic designer and visual artist. Daniele has won a multitude of international awards and has exhibited his works in London, Milan, Geneva, Città della Pieve and Rome.



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